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Eliana Hirakis, Owner


Innovative Psychology

As a psychologist specialising in treating adolescents, I understand the importance of image, reputation, and clear communication.

I knew my psychology practice’s ‘brand’ needed some work, but it was all in the ‘too hard’ basket. I also felt I was too ‘close’ to my own brand to give it the objective, critical analysis it really needed.

Brandstanding Consulting clarified my psychology practice’s brand.

Stuart Austin invested time in thoroughly understanding my practice, my goals, and what I wanted my brand to represent. He asked the right questions and presented findings and recommendations in a clear, easy-to-understand way. He was able to distill my brand value down to one word and even presented a persona of my ‘ideal client’, which was astonishingly accurate.

Most importantly, he gave me a set of solid strategic recommendations that were backed up with smart thinking and proper analysis.

Since engaging Brandstanding Consulting, I have taken the first steps in implementing the changes recommended and am already feeling like my business brand is crystal clear and back on track.”


Optimum Recoveries specialises in B2B commercial debt management across the full spectrum of the credit cycle. We work with clients across a range of industries to deliver customised and integrated solutions with sustainable results.

Together with our creative agency partner, Brandstanding Consultancy provided specialist communication services as part of Optimum Recoveries’ re-branding exercise.

Stuart Austin provided services in direct mail and promotional collateral copywriting, PR strategy recommendations, and LinkedIn Company page recommendations and activation.

He developed a complete plan detailing best practice communication solutions that importantly aligned with our core values and new brand framework.

Recommendations were backed up and explained clearly, so there was no doubt in my mind about the approach we were taking or the content we were communicating to our valued clients.

I am pleased to recommend Brandstanding Consultancy for anyone in the professional services field who needs a ‘helping hand’ when it comes to the ever-changing field of corporate communication.

Angela McDonald

Optimum Recoveries